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Storm Warning

When Lucy is accidentally locked inside an exotic Mexican resort’s food storage room with a compelling stranger, she sets aside her dreams of marriage for short term pleasure. Only Jake isn’t just interesting and attractive, he seems to truly like her, and Lucy throws caution to the winds.  With no bed in the room, she and Jake make use of a wooden chair and share a wild, sexy encounter. When they are finally set free, will Lucy and Jake go their separate ways, or will they decide to turn their one-storage-room stand into a real relationship?

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Heartbreak Ranch


Over a century has passed since Bella Duprey, famed Barbary Coast madam, won the treasured range in a card game from the lover who jilted her. She left it to her descendants, along with her how-to tome of feminine wisdom: The Art of Fascinating a Man. Bella hoped her bequest would help future generations of Duprey women find better luck in love than she did. But can a dusty journal and some sprawling acreage ensure that Amy, Josie, Harmony and Arabella will find happiness with the men they love?

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Nevada Cowboy Dad

Family for a year... both wanted a home- the same home! so lonely widow, Lucy Donovan and Rusty Sheffield struck a year long bargain. Lucy promised the cash to save the cowboy dad's beloved ranch, and he'd let her stay at her old house with him and his niece. when the year ended, so did their partnership. Right? 

Montana Heat

From the top of his low-riding Stetson to the soles of his dusty boots, sexy rodeo rider Nick Roberts was over six feet of lean, laconic cowboy and reckless, rugged male. With just one look, widowed mother Tracy Wilborough deemed him dangerous. She’d been hired to look after Nick’s niece and nephew, but she reckoned on steering clear of the ornery daredevil... and the heat he generated with his scorching gaze.

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Lone Star Man

Wade Hammond had seen Kat McIver’s kind before- a soft and pampered city girl. He knew all about them... or so he thought! His fierce desire for Kat surprised and unnerved him. After all, where could it lead?

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Texas Maverick

Dal was his name. Just Dal. The rugged, intense cowboy just showed up, looking for work, and to struggling rancher Allie Pearson, he was a miracle. Dal didn’t plan on hanging around. He’d give Allie a hand and then leave before his past caught up with him and before his attraction to the lovely woman made him think about forever. He wouldn’t stay to see the look in Allie’s eyes when she heard he’d killed a man...

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Walker Marshall had a way with horses- even the wild mustangs of the California mountains. But women... well, he’d never been able to make sense of them. The city-bred widow visiting the Bar M was no exception. All he knew was, he hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep since she’d come to stay...

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The Cowboy's Proposal

An offer she couldn’t refuse.

No uptight city slicker could tell Rawly Weaver how to live his life or care for his ward! Coral Malea might be beautiful, but that didn’t excuse her attitude. If only she’d stay awhile- because Rawly was very good at convincing women to see things his way...

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Cowboy for Hire

Cowboy Wanted:

For Bent Murray, winning the world rodeo championship had happened in another lifetime- one he wanted to forget. But sassy cowgirl Kate Monahan forced him to recall his glorious past- and other pleasures he’d long since set aside.

Little Love Lies

Ginna Grant loves her burgeoning business arranging social events in San Francisco, but she needs money to expand and keep up with the competition. Otherwise, she may wind up losing everything she has worked so hard for. When her godmother leaves her a legacy, it seems it is the answer to all her problems. There is just one drawback: Ginna can collect only if she is married. And Ginna doesn’t want to give up her independence- ever.

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